About The Newman Riga Library

Newman Riga Library Building

Curbside Pickup Available Starting June 8th!

Although our building is still closed to the public, we are pleased to offer curbside pickup of library materials, by appointment, starting Monday, June 8th.

Here’s how it will work:


Search the catalog to see what items are currently available at Newman Riga Library:  https://catalogplus.libraryweb.org.  Note:  there is a limit of 3 items per card.  We cannot place holds from other libraries at this time.


Call the library (293-2009) during the following hours:

 Mon, Wed, Fri:  12-4

 Tue, Thur:  12-6


Email us at: newmanriga@hotmail.com .  Please include your name, phone number and card number in your email with your wish list.  Enter “Curbside” as the subject.


Our staff will attempt to take your requests, find the items, and schedule your pickup time while you are on the phone with us.  We may have to call you back for more detailed requests.


Arrive at the library during your scheduled time.  There are parking spots reserved out front.  Bring your library card or valid ID (i.e. driver’s license) to show to staff in your car window.  Staff will place your items in your trunk or opened back seat window.  Staff  are not able to accept your returns so please place them in the book drop.

NOTE:  All returns must go into book drops.  Please drop them in after the staff member has returned to the building.


Book Drops Open!   

Book drops will also open on Monday, June 8th.

March 16, 2020

At the recommendations of Monroe County officials and in order to do our part in fighting the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Newman Riga Library will be closed until further notice. All currently scheduled programs will be cancelled or postponed. For all current updates, please follow our Facebook page and/or visit our website at https://newmanrigalibrary.org

Please remember that e-books and e-audio books will still be available at: https://libraryweb.overdrive.com/.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.
Lynn M. Brown
Library Director

The Newman Riga Library is an Association library and a member of the Monroe County Library System, located in the village of Churchville, New York, approximately fifteen miles west of Rochester. The library was built in 1952 due to efforts of Floyd Newman, a philanthropist and native of the village.

In 1989, Mr. Newman, along with other area residents raised funds to add a major wing to the library effectively doubling its square footage. Originally located above a Hardware store across the street, where all 2800 volumes of books were donated and workers were volunteers, the current staff supports a library of approximately 20,000 volumes. The annual circulation approximates 25,000 annually and serves a community of 5400.

The library building was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Newman’s father, John, his mother, Hattie, and his sister, Ruth on October 17, 1952.

The original collection of popular fiction has grown to include many other forms of media. Today, the library boasts Internet access, Books on CD, DVD’s and more. An Electronic Doorway library, it still offers a personal touch to its largely pedestrian village patronage.